Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finding Comfort and Joy

The past week has been a roller coaster. Lily fell off her small, plastic slide in the front yard. It looked like any other toddler fall she has a million times a day. When she wouldn't get up, I knew something was wrong. Long story short, she broke her leg and will be wearing a very large, awkward cast for a while.

She is handling her situation gracefully; much more so than I.

Since the fall, I have been up with puking older kids two different nights. My dishwasher isn't working. And a wild flying squirrel was loose in my living room. Yes, a flying squirrel.

I read an Irish proverb that said a good night's sleep and a good, hearty laugh can heal you. Unfortunately, I'm finding both elusive. Even a flying squirrel in my living room couldn't crack me up.

Please keep Lily in your thoughts and prayers while we all look for some comfort and joy to share this Christmas.  Thank you.

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  1. Most definitely sending prayers for Lily and you! Kids can be mighty resilient in physical and emotional ways that adults find a little tougher to deal with. Don't doubt -- you're a great mom! I have to think that Mary was trying to find some comfort and joy on her trek to Bethlehem to be counted. And look at the gift we got from that. Hang in there as prayers of peace and blessings are with you. Sherry